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Please tell MISS story of your experiences that after you moved away from your home country. What were the different stages of those developing feelings, so as a woman "in-between cultures" ( 夾縫中的文化 ) and how has your sense cultural origin changed and influenced collective memories, ideals and desires?

My name is Ann, I was born in Taiwan, went to states when I was about 10 and moved around from place to place for about half of a dozen times. My parents did not stay with me in the US and I grew up in home stay and boarding schools. My junior high school teacher Mrs. Waldrean was a very kind and loving lady who cared about me very much and encouraged me along the way. She asked my mom if she could adopt me and I did not understand why until I am a mother myself now. I constantly searching for my “self-identity” and majored in psychology when I was in college. I lost most of my Chinese and it is understandable since I went to states without continued to learn Chinese. Few years ago I came back to Taiwan because my father had a stroke. I met my husband and got married in Taiwan. Since I am working here in Taiwan, my Chinese have improved a lot (not good enough to write). And this is my 7th year here since I came back and my daughter is now 6. The language I choose to speak with my daughter is English because in times I really feel that I can express better in English. People sometimes look at us differently… Only I am westerner when I am home and Taiwanese when I am out. I learned not to mix any English word in my Chinese or people would say that I am arrogant for some reason… and I just can’t explain everything to everyone. I have to go back to the states every summer so I can be the other part of me. And I know if I move to states, I would miss here a lot also!


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